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COMM 390 - Business Writing

About the First Nations Business Proposal

Business communication is about knowing and respecting your audience. This assignment prepares you to understand and engage a cultural group effectively.Based on the case provided by the executive team at TD Bank, they would like you to asses the feasibility of the On-Reserve Home Loan Program and a potential specific nation that you recommend.

To develop an effective briefing report, some of the areas that you might want to focus your secondary research on would be on the: 

  • history of the first nation
  • relevant current events and leadership
  • approaches to gaining their cooperation and approval
  • cultural sensitivities and the typical approval process for a nation.

Secondary sources such as news media, government documents and business journals should help you in understanding the selected community and writing a report that outlines how best to develop the wind energy project with that one candidate.

For more specific details about your assignment, please consult your course outline.

Basic Article Search

This 5 minute video explains how to conduct a basic search for articles in business databases. 

(Business Source Complete example content used by permission of EBSCO Publishing)

Using Article Databases


Articles from reputable journals and newspapers provide a variety of opinions. Sometimes you can identify articles from trade journals or newspapers by using Google or other Internet search engines, for example:

However, you may find it is difficult to confirm whether or not the journal is reputable, searches are too generic, or the URL for the article disappears within a few days. Library article databases remain one of your richest sources of information, as they cover reputable sources of information, enable historical access and enable complex searches.

Explore the databases to find articles on First Nations, governance model, leadership, culture, communication strategies and housing patterns to decide what is a better approach to utilize in your briefing.

Identify the various concepts you are researching. Combine and recombine a variety of search terms in each of the databases. Examples include:

  • "BC first nation" and culture 
  • aboriginal business and financial models
  • housing and ("first nation")
  • governance and "first nations or indigenous or aboriginal"

For more tips on searching article databases effectively, please review the Research Tips document.

Article Databases

First Nations Database and Websites

Government sources are useful in providing up to date information on the economic development and relationship building with the First Nations communities. Here are some sites that you might consider looking at: