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COMM 390 - Business Writing

About the Assignment

Write a Briefing Note assessing TD’s On-Reserve Home Loan Program and recommending a specific nation that would be suitable for this kind of financing. Identify a consultation process, and prepare a pitch and discussion of the benefits, drawbacks and challenges.

Refer to the case document provided by TD. TD is an industry leader in working with First Nations and developing the kind of financing tools described in the case. They have drawn on their decades of experience, as well as significant consultation and relationship building with First Nations, both at a senior leadership (provincial and federal) level, as well as at a local level. This project is currently in the pilot phase.

Using Article Databases


Articles from reputable journals and newspapers provide a variety of opinions. Sometimes you can identify articles from trade journals or newspapers by using Google or other Internet search engines.

However, you may find it is difficult to confirm whether or not the journal is reputable, searches are too generic, or the URL for the article disappears within a few days. Library article databases remain one of your richest sources of information, as they cover reputable sources of information, enable historical access and enable complex searches.

Explore the library databases to find articles on TD or banking, First Nations contemporary issues such as housing, and consultations and relationship building to weigh in on the benefits and cons of each decision.

Identify the various concepts you are researching. Combine and recombine a variety of search terms in each of the databases. Examples include:

  • (Bank* OR financ*) AND (First Nations) AND (BC OR British Columbia)
  • Housing AND ("First Nations" OR Aboriginal)
  • "First Nations" AND "Consultation"
  • "Relationship Building" AND ("First Nation*" OR Aboriginal OR Indigenous)

For more tips on searching article databases effectively, please review the Research Tips document.

Article Databases

ABI/Inform functions similarly to Business Source Complete but searches on a different database from the latter. It is recommended to have a variety of sources for your assignement.

Covers a wide range of Canadian popular, scholarly and news sources.

Factiva provides access to a deep archive of news and business information which is good for searching on a wide selection of news platforms such as BBC, The Wall Street Journal, ABC Network, Fox News etc.