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Métis Studies

Métis in British Columbia

"There are over 59,000 Métis people living in British Columbia, mostly residing in urban areas, and representing 30 per cent of the Aboriginal population in BC." -- British Columbia

Métis Associations in British Columbia

UBC - BC Métis Mapping Research Project

BC Métis Mapping Research Project - "View thousands of Métis historical documents, genealogical information, photographs, Hudson's Bay Company records, Church missionary records, and personal Métis accounts. Share personal insights by commenting on these documents."

Métis Nation Relationship Accord

"In May 2006, the Province and the Métis Nation British Columbia signed the Métis Nation Relationship Accord (MNRA). The MNRA formalized the relationship between the Province and the Métis people of British Columbia, identifying mutual goals to close the gap in quality of life between Métis people and other British Columbians." - Government of British Columbia