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Métis Studies

Cultural Symbols

The Métis Flag is either red or blue and has a white infinity symbol, which was initially used prior to 1816's Battle of Seven Oaks by resistance fighters. 





Métis Blue.svg, originally uploaded by Lexicon at en.wikipedia [Public Domain]





Métis Red.svg, originally uploaded by Enjoyhats at en.wikipedia [Public Domain]

The Métis Sash is a distinctive part of Métis culture and ceremonies.
"Meaning of its Colors:

  • Red - Is for the blood of the Métis that was shed through the years while fighting for our rights.
  • Blue - Is for the depth of our spirits.
  • Green - Is for the fertility of a great nation.
  • White - Is for our connection to the earth and our creator.
  • Yellow - Is for the prospect of prosperity.
  • Black - Is for the dark period of the suppression and dispossession of Métis land (From "Order of the Sash" by Métis Nation BC).

Photo courtesy of Chris Corrigan (Creative Commons Licence)

Cultural Events

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Online Resources

Legacy of Louis Riel

This statue of Louis Riel, by artist Miguel Joyal, stands outside the legislative buildings in Winnipeg. Since 2008, Manitoba has celebrated Louis Riel Day on the third Monday of February. Many consider Riel to be the "Father of Manitoba".

Photo by Stephen Zacharias (Creative Commons 2.0 Licence).