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Aboriginal Films and Filmmakers

New Films at Xwi7xwa

Xwi7xwa Library is constantly updating its film collection to reflect the ever-changing world of Indigenous cinema. Scroll down to see some featured new titles from the collection, or follow the link below for a full list of new films at Xwi7xwa Library:

New films at Xwi7xwa Library.

Featured New Films at Xwi7xwa

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Finding Books & Videos About Aboriginal Films and Filmmakers

Try these basic strategies to begin your research in the UBC Library Catalogue:Keyword Searches

Combine Keywords relating to to the concept of Aboriginal identity AND Keywords about film:

  • "First Nations"
  • Indigenous
  • Aboriginal
  • Indian
  • Native
  • Inuit
  • Filmmaker?
  • Aesthetic
  • Cinema?
  • "motion picture producer
  • director?
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Xwi7xwa cataloguing note

Some Aboriginal films at Xwi7xwa Library can be found by searching for "First Nations author" and filtering for Videorecordings.

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