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Aboriginal Filmmakers


X̱wi7x̱wa Library continues to build a collection of Aboriginal films profiling BC Aboriginal writers, directors and producers.  The collection includes more than 900 films, of which at least 300 are by Aboriginal film makers.  Many of them are unavailable at other libraries.

This guide contains:

  • information on how to find books on Aboriginal Films and Filmmakers
  • information on Aboriginal Filmmakers
  • information on Film Festivals

Aboriginal Filmmakers

"I’m very much impressed by the incredible range and diversity of Indigenous film and video makers’ voices. We come from so many different nations, so many different geographic places, but also so many different experiences of what it is to be indigenous. Some of us are rooted in the land that we come from, rooted in our languages, rooted in family and community. But just as many of us are not."

Christine Welsh, interviewed in "The Indigenous Voice," episode 1 of "Storytellers in Motion."  

Image Source: Clipart Pal

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