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Science Literacy Week September 19-25, 2016

Living Library

Thursday, September 22 1:00 - 3:00 PM at Woodward Library, Main Entrance Area

During the Science Expo, a Living Library will be held. This event will have people standing in for books. Borrow a living book and learn about each book's inspiring research!

Our books include:

  • Lucas Brotz, PhD student at the Institute for Oceans and Fisheries
    • Featured on CBC’s The Nature of Things, Lucas was called “Canada’s foremost jellyfish researcher” by host Dr. David Suzuki. Lucas has been studying jellyfish for more than 8 years and has participated in a number of international groups of scientists examining global jellyfish populations. His research has been featured in more than 100 media outlets, including Nature News, The Economist, and The New York Times.  Lucas is currently a member of the Sea Around Us at UBC’s Institute for the Oceans and Fisheries.
  • Alissa Cait. PhD candidate in Microbiology
  • Brie Haley. BSc., ENSC., and MEng in Clean Energy
    • Brie’s goal is to provide a vehicle of support for First Nation communities by advocating their values and navigating the colonial system to ensure their visions, principles, and goals are met. She is passionate about renewable energy systems and community energy planning, in particular collaborating with rural and First Nation communities to displace diesel generation dependency and transition to a low-carbon society. Her goal is to determine the best available technology specific to each community, and provide the tools to build a better, more sustainable future. 
  • Aviva Rappaport. Human Nutrition.  
    • Aviva's research is centered around iron deficiency. Learn about her research examining the effects of the Lucky Iron Fish®   to determine if there is a difference in hemoglobin concentration among rural Cambodian anemic women. 
  • Anupama Sharan. MASc candidate Chemical and Biological Engineering
    • In Anupama's words: "As a researcher in environmental biotech, waste to me is something not to shy away from, but a bountiful resource that is capable of giving a lot back to us!" Anupama's work is focused on developing a circular, sustainable bioprocess derived from pulp and paper waste sludge to produce a chemical that can be fed back to the paper industry. 




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