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Reconstructing Nepal: The 2015 Earthquakes and their aftermath

Scholarly, Governmental, and Non-Governmental Publications

Alphabetical Sorting by Organization

All India Disaster mitigation Institute

"Rebuilding Nepal by Implementing SFDRR." 2015. Ahmedabad: All India Disaster Mitigation Institute.

Amnesty International

Amnesty International's "Nepal" page.

"Building Inequality: The Failure of the Nepali Government to Protect the Marginalized in Post-Earthquake Reconstruction Efforts". 25/04/2017. Index Number: ASA 31/6071/2017.

Asia Foundation

Asia Foundation's "Nepal" page.

"Independent Impacts and Recovery Monitoring". Dozens of qualitative and quantitative reports and surveys collected over four phases from 2015-2017.

"Disaster Preparedness and Response During Political Transition in Nepal: Assessing Civil and Military Roles in the Aftermath of the 2015 Earthquakes". 24/04/2017.

Build Change

"Build Change Post-Disaster Reconnaissance Report." 2015.

"Housing Subsector Report: Mercy Corps Intervention Areas 2015 Gorkha Earthquake, Nepal." 2015.


"Nepal Earthquake Response and Recovery Expense Report (January 2017—July 2017)." 2017. Lalitpur: CARE Nepal. 

Centre for the Study of Labour and Mobility

"Migration and Resilience: Experiences from Nepal's 2015 Earthquakes". June 2015.

Communicating with Disaster Affected Communities (CDAC) Network

Buchanan-Smith, M., et al. 2016. "Are You Listening Now? Community Perspectives on Communicating with Communities during the Nepal Earthquake Response." London: CDAC Network.

Conciliation Resources

Baniya, J., et al. 2017. "Gender and Nepal’s Transition from War." London: Conciliation Resources.

International Centre for the Study of the Preservation and Restoration of Cultural Property (ICCROM)

"Nepal Cultural Emergency Report". 05/20/2015.

International Commission of Jurists

"Nepal: Human Rights Impact of the Post-Earthquake Disaster Response: A Preliminary Report". Geneva, 2016.

International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies

Red Cross/Red Crescent Operational Evaluations (2016-2019).

International Monetary Fund

"Nepal: Request for Disbursement Under the Rapid Credit Facility". IMF Country Report No. 15/224. August 2015.

National Federation of the Disabled - Nepal

Bista, S. B. et al. 2018. "Nepal’s Response to Earthquake 2015: Experience of Emergency Responders and Humanitarian Assistance providers in Inclusive and Accessible Humanitarian Assistance Delivery." Kathmandu: National Federation of the Disabled-Nepal.

Nepal National Dalit Social Welfare Organization

B.K., Prakash. 2015. ‘Discrimination in Disaster: The Caste Discrimination on Earthquake Response in Nepal.’ Kathmandu: Nepal National Dalit Social Welfare Organization.

NSET (Earthquake Safe Communities in Nepal)

B.K., Prakash. 2015. ‘Discrimination in Disaster: The Caste Discrimination on Earthquake Response in Nepal.’ Kathmandu: Nepal National Dalit Social Welfare Organization.

Rural Reconstruction Nepal

Bhandari, Hum and Laxmi Maya Rai. 2018. ‘Rural Reconstruction Nepal: Annual Report 2017.’ Kathmandu: Rural Reconstruction Nepal.

Save the Children

Barber, R. 2016. "Did the Humanitarian Response to the Nepal Earthquake Ensure No One Was Left behind? A Case Study on the Experience of Marginalised Groups in Humanitarian Action." Save the Children.

Social Science Baha

Baniya, Jeevan, and Amit Gautam. 2020. ‘Nepal Earthquake 2015 and Its Aftermath: A Bibliographic Resource Guide.’ London and Kathmandu: SOAS, University of London and Social Science Baha. [publication page] [PDF]

Baniya, J., et al. 2020. "Children in Emergencies: Situation Analysis and Policy Review." Kathmandu: Social Science Baha and Save the Children. [publication page] [PDF]

"Disaster, Disability, & Difference: A Study of the Challenges Faced by Persons with Disabilities in Post-Earthquake Nepal". Co-published with the UN Development Programme in Nepal. Kathmandu, 2016.

Limbu, Bina, Nabin Rawal, Manoj Suji, Prakash Chandra Subedi & Jeevan Baniya. 2019. Reconstructing Nepal: Post-Earthquake Experiences from Bhaktapur, Dhading and Sindhupalchowk. Working Paper, Social Science Baha, Kathamandu. Available from: [publication page] [PDF]

Manoj Suji, Limbu, Bina, Nabin Rawal, Prakash Chandra Subedi & Jeevan Baniya. 2020. Reconstructing Nepal: Bhaktapur – Heritage and Urban Reconstruction. Working Paper, Social Science Baha, Kathamandu. Available from: [publication page] [PDF]

United Nations Office for Disaster Risk Reduction (UNISDR)

"Nepal" partner page.

Women's Refugee Commission

"Evaluation of the MISP for Reproductive Health Services in Post-earthquake Nepal". 29/10/2015.

World Bank Group

"Nepal Earthquake Post-Disaster Needs Assessment: Sector Reports". 2015.

World Health Organization

WHO's "Nepal" page.

Nepal Earthquake 2015: An insight into risks, A vision for resilience. 2016.

"Post-earthquake health-service support, Nepal". Sophie Goyet et al., Bulletin of the World Health organization Vol 96: 286-291. 05/02/2018.

NGO / Governmental Partnered Initiatives and Projects

Housing Recovery & Reconstruction Platform - Nepal

Visit the HRRP Website.

UN Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific / SAARC Disaster Management Centre / National Planning Commission (Gov. of Nepal)

"Regional Earthquake Recovery Dialogue for Building Back Better". 09/12/2015.