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Digital Object Identifier (DOI)

  •  A unique international identification code assigned to an electronic object that makes the object significantly easier to find and to track how it has been cited. 
  • Makes research more discoverable and helps track scholarly impact.
  • Can be assigned to any entity for use online including images, data and data sets, books, book chapters, research reports, and dissertations.
  • Help level the playing field between prestigious journal articles and other research outputs, artifacts and resources by making research more discoverable, providing a persistent home and helping track scholarly impact.
  • Objects deposited into UBC Library repositories will automatically be assigned DOIs and be given persistent URLs that do not break. If deposit in a UBC Library repository is not an option (e.g, for large data sets that are actively growing), a DOI could be created by the Library Technical Service unit.
  • To obtain a DOI for your research output, please email or visit Get DOIs for more information.