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Japanese Kuzushiji & Hentaigana Resources

A guide for the Kuzushiji Benkyōkai group hosted by Drs. C. Laffin and J. Mostow in Summer 2020. NB: Kuzushiji is a general term that includes hentaigana and cursive kanji; hentaigana applies specifically to kana.

Digital Archives / Libraries

Eiinbon 影印本

Handouts & Shiryō

[Note to Benkyōkai Participants: see Resource Folder]

  • “Hentaigana o oboeyō.” 変体仮名を覚えよう

  • “Kanji no kuzushi ni nareyō.” 漢字のくずしに慣れよう

  • “Konjaku michi no shiori.” 今昔道の栞

  • “Takarabune.” 宝船

  • “Genpei sakiwake tsutsuji.” 源平咲分躑躅

  • “Shibai kinmō zui.” 戲場訓蒙圖彙