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Law - Personal Injury Cases & Materials

This guide provides an overview of sources on the law of damages relating to personal injury.

Finding Cases

To find cases dealing with the amount of money courts award for various injuries, you can use either electronic or print resources. You will want to focus on recent cases and preferably those from B.C.

Electronic Resources

The Continuing Legal Education (C.L.E.) database contains decisions from the B.C. Supreme Court, the Court of Appeal, and selective cases from the Provincial Court. While full text is provided for most of the decisions, only digests are provided for the Provincial Court cases. The database is current and contains cases since 1996.

The database is organized by subject matter. To find cases on a specific type of injury, connect to CLE Online and follow these steps:

● Click on Case Digest - Archive on the top toolbar or at the bottom of the list of UBC's subscriptions.
● Click on Personal Injury under Browse by Practice Area
● Click on Quantum assessment under Browse by Practice Area. At this stage you will find a page with a list of injury types - whiplash, knee, leg, etc. Click on any of these to find digests of cases. To see the full text, if available, click on the Full Text link.

Alternatively, you can use the search bar on the top left to enter your own search terms. Remember to narrow down the results by choosing Case Digests under Filter by Content Type and Personal Injury - Quantum assessment under Filter by Practice Areas.

Print Resources