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Government Publications - Census of Canada


2016 Census Aboriginal Population Profile 

This products presents information from the Census of Population focusing on Aboriginal identity population of various geographic areas 

2006 Census Aboriginal Population Profile

These profiles contain free information on the Aboriginal identity population for various communities where the Aboriginal population is above 250. Communities include: cities, towns, villages, Indian reserves and Indian settlements, counties or their equivalents and metropolitan areas. Data may be incomplete in some cases.

Categories covered are the same as those in the Community Profiles.

Aboriginal Peoples Hightlight Tables, 2006 Census

Aboriginal Peoples Survey (APS) is accessible in Abacus Dataverse Network. APS is a national survey on the social and economic conditions of Aboriginal people (First Nations people living off reserve, Métis and Inuit) aged six years and older. It is designed to identify the needs of Aboriginal people and focus on issues such as education, employment, health, language , income, housing and  mobility

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