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FRST 370 : Community Forests and Community Forestry

Finding Journal Articles

You can search for your topic using Summon. You may wish to limit your search to Scholarly & Peer Review.

You can also search one of these specialized databases to find journal articles and grey literature (e.g. conference proceedings, government and NGO reports, theses & dissertations). They offer more functionality than Summon.

Tips for Searching

  • Search for a phrase using quotation marks (e.g. "community forestry")
  • Combine search terms with OR to expand a search (e.g. governance OR management)
  • Combine search terms with AND to narrow a search (e.g. "community forestry" AND governance)
  • Search variations of a word using truncation (e.g. forest* to search forest, forests, forestry)
  • Proximity searching looks for a term within n number of words to another search term: NEAR/n. The operator can differ between databases and is not used in all databases so it is good to look up this option in the help or information page if you're not sure. (e.g. community NEAR/3 forest*)
  • Build a search using the important concepts from your research question, creating search terms for each concept and combining with AND.

Venn diagram combining 3 separate concepts using the Boolean AND operator to narrow search to only the overlapping area.

Hoyo del Cimarrón

Sinkhole in Huehuetenango, Guatemala - 2016

Credit: Gerson Tun. Source:

 This work is available under a Creative Commons Attribution 2.0, CC BY-NC-SA 2.0.