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Food & Beverage Product Industries

Industry Codes

Some market research databases and websites organize business information using industry codes.

The two industry classification systems you will come across most often are NAICS and SIC. Both are hierarchical, organized by broad industry categories, each divided into more specific industries.

Note: If you are researching a very specific or very new industry, it may not be included in these industry classification systems.

Example NAICS codes:

311 - Food Manufacturing - includes sugar & confectionery, dairy products, meat, seafood and bakery products

3121 - Beverage Manufacturing - includes soft drinks, breweries, wineries

For retail industry codes, please see the Retail Industry guide.

Researching a New or Specialized Industry?

Overviews are easier to find for broader, established industries and larger geographic areas (countries, regions, world). 

If you cannot find information on your industry, look for a broader industry or geography.

Also, search for news or magazine articles in the databases listed on the "Articles & News" page.

Industry research word cloud

Associations & Other Organizations

Industry & Market Research Databases

       PitchBook has comprehensive information on global capital markets, research, insights for both public and private equity markets.


Using Google to find Government Resources

Did you know that you can limit your search in Google to government websites?  Here are some examples.

Tip: Remember to try a few searches using different search words, to vary your results.