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Law - Delgamuukw Resources

This guide highlights some resources that can be used for researching the Delgamuukw case.

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Following is a selective listing of articles. Use Legal Periodical Indexes to find more articles.

Michael Asch
"The Judicial Conceptualization of Culture after Delgamuukw and Van der Peet"
(2000) 5 Review of Constitutional Studies 119-137
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Michael Asch & Catherine Bell
Definition and Interpretation of Fact in Canadian Aboriginal Title Litigation: An Analysis of Delgamuukw  
(1994) 19 Queen's Law Journal 503-550
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S. Bradley Armstrong
“Defining the Boundaries of Aboriginal Title after Delgamuukw
(Spring 1998) 62 Resources 2-5

Nigel Bankes
Delgamuukw, Division of Powers and Provincial Land and Resource Laws: Some Implications for Provincial Resource Rights 
(1998) 32 University of British Columbia Law Review 317-351
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John Borrows
"Sovereignty's Alchemy: an Analysis of Delgamuukw v. British Columbia"
(1999) 37 Osgoode Hall Law Journal 537-596

Paul R. Cassidy
"S.C.C.'s Delgamuukw Ruling will Revolutionize the Law"
(April 10, 1998) 17 No. 45 Lawyers Weekly 9
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Gordon Christie
"A Colonial Reading of Recent Jurisprudence: Sparrow, Delgamuukw and Haida Nation"
(2005)  23 Windsor Yearbook of Access to Justice 17-53
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Gordon Christie
"Delgamuukw and the Protection of Aboriginal Land Interests"
(2000) 32 Ottawa Law Review 85-115
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B. Douglas Cox
"The Gitksan-Wet'suwet'en as 'Primitive' Peoples Incapable of Holding Proprietary Interests: Chief Justice McEachern's Underlying Premise in Delgamuukw"
(Spring 1992) 1 Dalhousie Journal of Legal Studies 141-160
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Patricia E. Doyle-Bedwell
"The Evolution of the Legal Test of Extinguishment: From Sparrow to Gitskan"
(1993) 6 Canadian Journal of Women and the Law 193-204
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Gurston Dacks
"British Columbia after the Delgamuukw Decision: Land Claims and Other Processes"
(2002) 28 Canadian Public Policy 239-255
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David W. Elliott
"Delgamuukw Back to Court?"
(1998) 26 Manitoba Law Journal 97-132
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Andre Emond
"L'affaire Delgamuukw ou la réactualisation du droit américain au regard des conditions d'existence et d'extinction du titre aborigène au Canada"
(1998) 39 Les Cahiers de Droit 849-880
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Robin Fisher
"Judging History: Reflections on the Reason for Judgment in Delgamuukw v. BC"
(1992) N. 95 BC Studies 43-54
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William F. Flanagan
"Piercing the Veil of Real Property Law: Delgamuukw v. BC"
(1998) 24 Queen's Law Journal 279-326
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Joel R. Fortune
"Construing Delgamuukw: Legal Arguments, Historical Argumentation, and the Philosophy of History"
(Winter 1993) 51 University of Toronto Faculty of Law Review 80-117
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Hamar Foster
"It Goes Without Saying: Precedent and the Doctrine of Extinguishment by Implication in Delgamuukw et al. v. The Queen"
(May 1991) 49 Advocate 341-357
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Hamar Foster
"Aboriginal Title and the Provincial Obligation to Respect It: Is Delgamuukw v. British Columbia 'Invented Law'?"
(March 1998) 56 Advocate 221-231
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Bob Freedman
"The Space for Aboriginal Self-Government in British Columbia: The Effect of the Decision of the British Columbia Court of Appeal in Delgamuukw v. British Columbia"
(1994) 28 University of British Columbia Law Review 49
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Paul Joffe
"Assessing the Delgamuukw Principles: National Implications and Potential Effects in Quebec"
(2000) 45 McGill Law Journal 155
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Nancy Kleer & John Olthuis
"Evidence in Aboriginal Title and Other Aboriginal Rights Cases: After Delgamuukw and Van der Peet"
(2001) Special Lectures of the Law Society of Upper Canada 2001: Constitutional and Administrative Law 184-217
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Douglas Lambert
"Van der Peet and Delgamuukw: Ten Unresolved Issues"
(1998) 32 University of British Columbia Law Review 249
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Kent McNeil
"Aboriginal Title and the Division of Powers: Rethinking Federal and Provincial Jurisdiction"
(1998) 61 Saskatchewan Law Review 431
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Val Napoleon
"Delgamuukw: A Legal Straightjacket for Oral Histories?"
(2005) 20 Canadian Journal of Law and Society 123-155
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Andie Diane Palmer
"Evidence 'Not in a Form Familiar to Common Law Courts': Assessing Oral Histories in land Claims Testimony after Delgamuukw v. B.C."
(2001) 38 Alberta Law Review 1040
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Arthur J. Ray
"Creating the Image of the Savage in Defence of the Crown: the Ethnohistorian in Court"
(1990) 6 N.2 Native Studies Review 13
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Lori Ann Roness & Kent McNeil
"Legalizing Oral History: Proving Aboriginal Claims in Canadian Courts"
(2000) 39 N.3 Journal of the West 66
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Leonard I. Rotman
"Developments in Aboriginal Law: The 1997-98 Term"
(1999) 10 Supreme Court Law Review 2nd 1
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Jonathan Rudin
"One Step Forward, Two Steps Back: The Political and Institutional Dynamics Behind the Supreme Court of Canada's Decisions in R. v. Sparrow, R. v. Van der Peet and Delgamuukw v. British Columbia"
(1998) 13 Journal of Law and Social Policy 67
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Bruce Ryder
"Aboriginal Rights and Delgamuukw v. The Queen"
(Winter 1994) 5 Constitutional Forum 43
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Greoff Sherrott
"The Court's Treatment of the Evidence in Delgamuukw v. B.C."
(1992) 56 Saskatchewan Law Review 441
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Geoffrey Robert Schiveley
"Negotiation and Native Title: Why Common Law Courts are not Proper Fora for Determining Native Land Title Issues"
(2000) 33 Vanderbilt Journal of Transnational Law 427
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David Schulz
"Delgamuukw Confirms Broad Aboriginal Rights Over Resources"
(Spring 1998) 62 Resources 6
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Maureen Tehan
"Delgamuukw v. British Columbia"
(1998) 22 Melbourne University Law Review 763
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Brian Thom
"Aboriginal Rights and Title in Canada After Delgamuukw: Part One, Oral Traditions and Anthropological Evidence in the Courtroom"
(2001) 14(1) Native Studies Review 1
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Brian Thom
"Aboriginal Rights and Title in Canada after Delgamuukw: Part Two, Anthropological Perspectives on Rights, Tests, Infringement & Justification"
(2001) 14(2) Native Studies Review 1
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Patricia Wallace
"Grave-Digging: The Misuse of History in Aboriginal Rights Litigation"
(1999) 30 University of Miami Inter-American Law Review 489
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Mark Walters
"British Imperial Constitutional Law and Aboriginal Rights: Comment on Delgamuukw v. British Columbia"
(1992) 17 Queen's Law Journal 350
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Kerry Wilkins
"Take Your Time and Do it Right: Delgamuukw, Self-Government Rights and the Pragmatics of Advocacy"
(2000) 27 Manitoba Law Journal 241
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Rachel Yurkowski
"We are All Here to Stay: Addressing Aboriginal Title Claims after Delgamuukw v. British Columbia"
(2000) 31 Victoria University of Wellington Law Review 471
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