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Data and Statistics

Resources for finding and using data and statistics. This guide focuses on data for the social sciences.

Data analysis

Statistical analysis software

Several statistical analysis tools are available on public computer workstations in Koerner and Woodward Libraries:

  • SAS | Koerner Library 497
  • SPSS | Koerner Library 217 and 497, Woodward Library B25
  • Stata | Koerner Library 497
  • R and RStudio | Koerner Library 217 and 497

Workshops and consultations

Graduate student experts in the Research Commons provide free one-on-one consultations and workshops on data analysis topics including R, Python, SPSS, and NVivo.

Online books, training videos, and practice exercises in a wide range of topics. Includes self-paced learning paths and interactive tutorials to help users develop technical skills.

A program that helps graduate students formulate and understand the statistical issues involved in their research. Interested students may submit a description of their work and meet a consultant to discuss their project and address their statistical questions.  The program is offered by UBC's Applied Statistics and Data Science Group at no charge to students.