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Corporate Responsibility

Covers the topics of corporate environmental, financial, social and governance responsibility

Evaluating Sources

Reputable business information comes from  a variety of sources.  Depending on what you are researching you may need to find information from library databases and/or freely available internet sources. It is important to evaluate your sources to ensure that you are using reputable and appropriate information. Consider:

  • Author/organization credentials
  • Accuracy
  • Currency 
  • Bias
  • Purpose

Evaluating Information Sources

Distinguishing Between Scholarly and Popular Sources

Freely Available Internet Sources

Company information on company websites or through regulatory agencies:

Government agencies gather and report data on industries, consumers, economic indicators

Industry associations may provide data, reports, company directories

Limit your search in Google to government websites

Here are some examples.

Tip: Remember to try a few searches using different search words, to vary your results.

Library Databases

UBC Library has educational subscriptions to different types of databases: