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Clean Energy Research

Key Resources

If you have a specific article you're searching for, Summon is a good place to start.  Summon lets you simultaneously search the Library's book collection and many full text journal articles.

If you're searching for articles on a topic, you'll probably want to search a database which is more focused on engineering than Summon. Here are some starting points for finding engineering journal articles or conference proceedings. Look for the UBC eLink icons to check for full text articles.

Can't find an article? Contact your librarian; you might need to use our Interlibrary Loan service to get the article from another library (usually quickly and in PDF format).

Energy Policy

IPCC. The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change "provides policy makers with regular scientific assessments on climate change, its implications and potential future risks, as well as to put forward adaptation and mitigation options." 


  • ETDE Web (Energy Technology Data Exchange). Searches journal articles, technical reports, data, software, patents, conference papers, reports and other doucments from 2014 and earlier. No new content is being added. 
  • OECD iLibrary. UBC access includes the International Energy Agency's IEA databases. Searches book chapters, working papers, articles, data, summaries and more. 
  • OnePetro. Technical literature related to the oil and gas exploration and production industry.
  • OpenGrey. An open access portal to grey literature in Europe. Browse under the Energy & Power subject to find technical or research reports, dissertations, conference papers, official publications and other types of grey literature in Europe. 
  • OSTI.GOV is the primary search tool for the U.S. DOE science, technology and engineering research and development results
  • Our Energy Policy. Freely accessible resource. More than 4,000 publicly available reports, white papers, studies, journal articles and other materials. 

Data and statistics

  • DOE Data Explorer. Contains scientific research data including numeric data files, figures, data plots as well as interactive data maps. 
  • IEA (International Energy Agency Statistics. The Energy Statistics Division (ESD) of the IEA collects, processes and publishes data and information on energy production, trade, stocks, transformation, consumption, prices and taxes as well as on greenhouse gas emissions. The geographical coverage of the IEA's statistics includes the 30 OECD (Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development) member countries and over 100 non-OECD countries world-wide.
  • OECD Environmental DataData on pollution, transportation, industry, air, inland water, forests, wildlife, land use.
  • UN Statistics Division: Energy Statistics, Energy statistics from more than 190 countries. Includes basic data as well as aggregated tables, energy balances and electricity profiles.

Additional resources

  • E&E Newswire. Environment and Energy publishing daily coverage of environmental and energy politics and policy. Includes reporting of issues facing the White House, Congress, the courts, federal agencies and the states. Use the resource page to sign up for access. 
  • World Energy Council. Energy industry organization that promotes sustainable supply and use of energy. 

More Databases