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Citation Metrics Workshop


Academic books are important publications for scholars in humanities and social sciences, but the tools listed on the Article Impact tab of this guide, e.g. Web of Science, Scopus/SciVal, Google Scholar, include only a small proportion of academic books as the source of their citations. The vast majority of citations in Web of Science, etc. come from journal articles.

Because many citations to scholarly books appear in scholarly books, these tools are unable to provide a complete list of citations to a book. Compiling a complete list of citations to books entails using additional sources to find:

  • Book to book citations
  • Dissertation to book citations

In addition, book impact proxies such as # number of library holdings, and # number of book reviews may be useful.

Book to Book Citations

Google Scholar and Google Books
Although Google does not provide information about the content of its databases, it appears that Google Scholar does not include all the scholarly books present in Google Books. Search both databases to create a more comprehensive list of books that cite a particular book.

Google Books
At the Google Books Advanced Search, enter the title of the book in the search box labeled  "with the exact phrase". At Search:--  Select All books. At Content: -- Select  Books. Then click on Google Search.

This search simply matches characters: to determine whether a citation is present, you'll have to look at each book in print or online. For example, a title may appear in a book as part of a list of books in a series, or a list of other books by the same author or editor.  

Google Scholar
In Google Scholar, enter the title of the book in "quotation marks". When results display, click on "cited by" to see a list of items that cite this title. It's not possible to limit Google Scholar "cited by" results to books only, so you'll have to page through the results.

The General search box on the Library home page searches the full text of ebooks as well as the full text of  many titles UBC Library owns only in print.  Enter the title of a book "in quotation marks". When search results display, refine your search by CONTENT TYPE to Book/eBooks. The items at the top of the new list will be the book itself: subsequent items will contain your search string.  You'll have to look at each book in print or online to determine if a citation is present.

Dissertations that Cite a Book

In the  search box on the Library home page, enter the title of the book "in quotation marks",  then select Dissertation from the CONTENT TYPE limit.

ProQuest  Dissertations and Theses Global
Choose Advanced Search.  Enter the title of the book in the search box and choose Ref  from the drop down menu.

Additional resources
Check the Theses and Dissertations guide.


Book Reviews

Search in Summon, the search box on the Library home page.

  • Enter the title of the book "in quotation marks".
  • When results display, select Peer Reviewed from the REFINE YOUR SEARCH limit and Book Review from the CONTENT TYPE limit.

For additional resources, please consult the UBC Library Guide: Book, Theatre, and Film Reviews: Book Reviews

Library Holdings

Search WorldCat to determine how many copies of a book are owned by academic libraries worldwide, or an appropriate national library.