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OSFI and Your Privacy

Where is my data stored?

Data on OSF is stored at multiple locations including data centers located outside of Canada.

  • User, wiki, and chat data are all stored on US servers.
  • OSF File Storage is entirely localized to the region you set for file storage. Users can set their default storage location to Canada. Check out the FAQ for details.


Use of the OSF must comply with UBC Policy SC14 Acceptable Use and Security of UBC Electronic Information and Systems and associated information security standards. In accordance with Information Security Standard U3, Transmission and Sharing of UBC Electronic Information, the OSF must only be used to share Low Risk UBC Electronic Information. This is information that may be freely disclosed. For more information, see Information Security Standard U1: Security Classification of UBC Electronic Information.

If you are connecting your OSF work to UBC, please review our Terms of Use (pdf).

How does OSF handle my Data?

Visit here for information about the OSF Terms of Use, privacy and security policies.