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Operating a Student Academic Journal

A guide for student editors of academic journals

Student Journal Publication

The Digital Publishing Workshop @ Columbia

  • Workshops on academic publishing
  • Tools, resources and documents for journal editors
  • Recommended readings

PKP Student Journal Toolkit

  • Gives guidelines for starting or joining a journal
  • Directed at open access publishing, but useful for any journal

DOAJ OA Journals Toolkit

  • provides guidance for new and established open access journals to navigate the rapidly changing scholarly publishing landscape.
  • Includes information on how to get indexed so your journal will be more discoverable

Editorial Process

McGill Library: Checklist for Outgoing Editorial Team

  • A list of steps that should be taken by outgoing editors when new editors are stepping in.

Committee on Publication Ethics

Editors' Association of Canada's Professional Editorial Standards

Open Access Publishing

PKP School

  • Courses on how to use Open Journal Systems and operating an academic journal

PKP Docs: OJS Guides

  • Guides on how to use various elements of Open Journal Systems

Developing Open Access Journals: A practical Guide

By David J. Solomon, PhD

  • A more detailed overview of the process
  • This document focuses on open access, but much of the information is revenant even if you are not planning to be open access

Creative Commons

  • Licenses which let the creator make a work able to be shared, altered or used freely, to the degree which the creator wishes

Open Access Scholarly Publishers Association

Open Science Network Austria:

Peer Review

Nature Masterclass: Focus on Peer Review

  • A free online course focused on the peer review process
  • The course is directed at reviewers, but includes lots of information that would be useful for editors

Committee on Publication Ethics

Software and Platforms

Open Journal Systems



Resources for Authors

Centre for Writing and Scholarly Communication at UBC

  • Offer writing consultations by appointment and workshops about elements of academic writing

UBC Research Commons

  • workshops and assistance with the research process