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Citation Management

Citation Management Support at UBC

The UBC Research Commons offers workshops throughout each term on the most popular free-to-use citation management tools, Mendeley and Zotero.



Related Services

Other services related to citation management are provided by various UBC units as well as off-campus service providers:

  • Checking that references are correctly formatted (reference styles):
    • This may be something you can ask an editor to help you with (see the information above), or it may be something you will need to do yourself following the particular style guide you have used for your thesis.
  • Resolving browser, operation system and device compatibility issues with citation management tools:
  • Providing support for EndNote or BibTex:
  • Answering specific questions about your individual thesis:
  • For help in determining how to use copyrighted material in your thesis:
    • For example, clarifying what material you need to get permission to use, and providing advice on asking for permission - please contact UBC's Copyright office.