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Library Research Skills for Biologists

What is a citation?

A citation is the author, title and additional information needed to find a book, journal article, government report, conference proceeding, etc... Sometimes a professor will provide you with a citation. You need to be able to read the citation to be able to find it. For example, to find this book, start by identifying the title.

Example citation:

Ellison, A. M., & Adamec, L. (2018). Carnivorous plants: Physiology, ecology, and evolution. Oxford, UK: Oxford University Press.

Author(s) Ellison, Aaron M. & Adamec, Lubomir
Year of Publication 2018
Title Carnivorous Plants: Physiology, Ecology, and Evolution
Place of Publication Oxford, UK
Publisher Name Oxford University Press
ISBN (International Standard Book Number) 9780191085390   0191085391

Find the book

To find a book by title, in Summon, click on Advanced Search.


Change the drop-down menu to "Title". Type the title in the search box, change the search field to Title (begins with), and click on the Search button.