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ENGL 521/457/CULT460: Posthumanism & Critical Animal Studies

Subject Headings for CAS

There is no limit to the subject headings that could apply to the variety of subject you could use in this course. This is a selection that is by no means exhaustive.

  • Animal experimentation. 
  • Animal Testing Alternatives. 
  • Animal industry--Moral and ethical aspects. 
  • Animal experimentation--Moral and ethical aspects. 
  • Animal genetic engineering -- Moral and ethical aspects.
  • Animal rights.
  • Animal rights--History. 
  • Animal welfare.
  • Animal welfare--history.
  • Animal welfare--Moral and ethical aspects--Great Britain. 
  • Animal welfare--Moral and ethical aspects--United States. 
  • Animal welfare--Philosophy. 
  • Animal welfare--Political aspects. 
  • Animals and civilization--Great Britain--History--19th century. 
  • Animals in literature. 
  • Animals--Treatment--Moral and ethical aspects. 
  • Animal rights. 
  • Animals, Zoo. 
  • Aquatic animal welfare. 
  • Captive marine mammals. 
  • Cognition in animals. 
  • Consciousness in animals. 
  • Domestic animals. 
  • Ecofeminism in literature. 
  • Ecocriticism in literature. 
  • Ecology in literature.
  • Ecofeminism. 
  • Factory farms. 
  • Feminist anthropology. 
  • Feminist literary criticism.
  • Food animals -- Moral and ethical aspects. 
  • Humanism. 
  • Human-animal relationships. 
  • Human-animal relationships -- Moral and ethical aspects.
  • Human ecology in literature. 
  • Livestock.
  • Nature in literature. 
  • Pets--Social aspects--Great Britain--History--19th century. 
  • Patriarchy. 
  • Vegetarianism--Social aspects. 
  • Zoo animals. 
  • Zoos--Philosophy.