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Searching for & evaluating tests, measures (Tutorials)

These short modules are under 5 minutes each and provide tips and techniques to find tests and measures and their evaluation.

Searching for & evaluating measures in MEDLINE (4.11m)

This video introduces searching for tests & measures in MEDLINE (on OVID), a key database for biomedicine. Included are strategies such as searching with subject headings, examples of key subject headings, and using a search filter or 'hedge'.

Transcript: Searching for & evaluating measures in MEDLINE

Welcome to our third video which will cover searching for and evaluating tests and measures in MEDLINE.

For more information about using MEDLINE on Ovid see our series of tutorials at this link.

We will be searching for two types of subject headings, one for finding tests themselves, and another for 
evaluating them. We will also discuss the use of a search filter, or hedge.

First we need to access Medline which we will do through the UBC Library homepage.

Medline on Ovid has features that make it a more useful choice for in depth research.
Click Indexes & Databases, and type Medline. Choose the first result: MEDLINE (Ovid).

Here we are in the Medline database. We can use subject headings in Medline to help us find tests.

For a broader search, for example you can explode Data Collection. For a more specific search, you can select a heading such as Surveys and Questionnaires.  

Some established tests will also have their own subject headings. A final method is to search using a filter, which 
is a pre-created search string using AND and OR that searches for a variety of common terms.

Let's try an example searching for Surveys and Questionnaires. Because this is a phrase we will wrap it in 
quotations. Make sure Map Term to Subject Heading is 

Always check the scope note to see if the term matches the concept you are trying to find. A feature you may want to consider at this time is to choose the FOCUS button when selecting your subject heading. This will ensure that Servers and Questionnaires are a notable subject of the paper. This will also reduce your results.

In looking at our topic, in this example we use Quality of Life. Check the Scope Note, and add to our search.

Once you get both, we can combine using AND. Although the results of this search are focused on Quality of Life, you can insert your own topic to find tests and measures relevant to your work

In Medline we can also use subject headings to find information about tests. Reproducibility of results, psychometrics, and 
validation studies are examples. We can also use a search filter. Try this search string below and combine with your topic to find critical information on reliability, reproducibilty or validity of tests.

In this example let's search for the subject heading Reproducibility of Results, and combine it with our research topic Quality 
of Life. 

Taking a look at our results, we will find examples of studies that have evaluated aspects of these tests. This may include consistency, reliability and other factors related to this test.

Thanks for watching this tutorial on searching for and evaluating measures in Medline.

Up next is searching for tests and measures in PsycInfo.