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EESC 550: Research in Earth and Environmental Sciences

Literature Review to Thesis/Dissertation - Research and Writing

Steps for Conducting a Literature Review



1. Choose a TOPIC + define your RESEARCH QUESTION

Your question will likely reflect the topic for your thesis or dissertation.

Typically completed as part of thesis or dissertation proposal. 

2. Begin KEYWORD development

Jot down keyword ideas for terms or phrases you will want to search for.

Brainstorm synonyms (i.e. colloquial names), abbreviations, and acronyms.

3. Define the SCOPE of your review/question Include inclusion and exclusion criteria for your question. 
4. Select LOCATIONS to search E.g. databases + limiters within them
5. SEARCH + TRACK your searches and results Be deliberate with the notes that you keep - and design the best workflow for yourself.
6. Review + critically APPRAISE your results

Review the results for bias and applicability to your question.

7. Jot down NOTES + WRITE your literature review