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GIS / Data / Statistics


SimplyAnalytics is an internet-based mapping application that enables users to develop interactive thematic maps and reports using demographic, business, and marketing data.

Access includes the following Environics Analytics Group Data Packages

  • CensusPlus   Data from the most recent census
  • DemoStats Current-year estimates and projections of demographic data.  
  • HouseholdSpend Demographic estimates and projections of household income data plus Statistics Canada's recent Survey of Household Spending.
  • Digital Lifestyle Dataset Includes Social Media Behavior
  • and more.

SimplyAnalytics also includes the complete D&B Canadian Business Directory,  with data available for all units of geography including dissemination areas, census tracts, census subdivisions, census metropolitan areas, census subdivisions, census divisions, Province/Territory and all of Canada.

Social Explorer

Use Social Explorer to create maps and reports to illustrate, analyze and understand demography and social change.

Maps  can be exported as images, downloadable data tables.

  • Primarily US data, including 

U.S. census from 1790- present
American Community Survey from 2005-2017
LEHD (Longitudinal Employer Household Dynamics) 2002-2015
and much more

  • Limited international data, including

Canada: Census from 2011 
United Kingdom: Census from 2011
Europe: Eurostat data, 1990-2014
and more