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ANTH 301: Ethnography of Eurasia

This guide is intended to help student researchers on Ethnography of Eurasia find news, articles, and books that pertain to research on the region of Eurasia.


Keeping up to date with events in Eurasia can be challenging. The following are some helpful sources to help you stay informed. You may also want to explore news by country using



  • BBC Country Profiles are updated irregularly but can provide more in-depth coverage of regions within countries
  • provides information and analysis about political, economic, environmental and social developments in the countries of Central Asia and the Caucasus, as well as in Russia, Turkey, and Southwest Asia.
  • Neweurasia is a blogging network that showcases English-language blogs on Central Asia and the Caucausus.
  • Radio Free Europe reports news in countries where the free press is banned or not yet fully established
  • World Tribune - Daily online newspaper specializing in international affairs.





  • Transitions Online is an independent news magazine published online. Subscriber content is not available directly on the website but is available through the library in 2-4 weeks through Academic Search Complete and Factiva.
  • The Economist is a weekly magazine with sections for both Asia and Europe covering government, politics, business, and culture. 
  • Foreign Affairs Published by New York-based think tank - the Council on Foreign Relations

Map of Russia

Photo credit: Ohotney Ryad Mall by Philster02188