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Corporate Governance

Getting Started

The term 'corporate responsibility' (CR) is replacing the previously-used term 'corporate social responsibility'. Corporate responsibility includes a wider array of issues than social issues. Corporate responsibility is often considered in relation to corporate governance.

"CR, at a minimum, pertains to the portfolio of a firm’s policies and programs that are beyond the requirements of extant law, or where the law is silent. CR initiatives manifest in different ways. They include paying wages beyond the legal minimum, providing health care benefits beyond what is made available by the state, creating retirement funds and educational opportunities for employees, philanthropic donations, community investments, and pollution abatement as well as producing products and services that exceed regulatory requirements.

Firms’ CR portfolio and its beneficiaries is likely to vary across industries, time, and institutional and cultural contexts."  Source: Griffin, J and Prakash, A. (2013) Corporate Responsibility: Initiatives and Mechanisms. Business & Society, online preprint.