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Chinese Philosophy & Religion


  • Confucian Classics
    This site contains Confucian texts with each character hyperlinked to its definition and etymology. No Chinese software is necessary - characters are displayed as images. Links to English translations are included.
  • Confucius Publishing (multi-lingual) / 孔学出版社多种语文网址
    Provides the Lun Yu (a.k.a. the Analects of Confucius) in 21 languages and “a varying amount of other Confucius-related contents for each language”. (Confucius Publishing)
  • 中国孔子网
    This website hosted by China Confucius Foundation includes research works on Confucianism. It also provides full-text access to 49 selected readings of Confucian and other ancient Chinese classics, as well as some works of Chinese literature.
  • 中国儒学网
    Involves an abundance of research articles on various aspects of Confucian studies.