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HR Trends in Healthcare Administration

British Columbians and people across Canada see health care as one of their number one policy concerns. Canadians value their public health care system, and are passionate about debating its future. As governments become increasingly concerned with the rising costs of health care and the future pressures on the system, they need to consider changes to the system: its delivery, its funding, and its infrastructure.

British Columbia’s baby-boomers are retiring in large numbers and subsequently, the health care sector is set to lose many knowledgeable and skilled health professionals. Participants are concerned that the number of new medical professionals entering the system will be insufficient to meet current or projected demands for health human resources.

Four key future areas of focus identified in a BC government inquiry include:

• Empowering people to make healthy choices and live healthy lifestyles;
• Supporting a healthy society and environment;
• Keeping people safe in their communities and workplaces; and,
• Focusing on Aboriginal people, seniors and people with disabilities.

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