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Biomedical Engineering

Key Resources

For a specific article title you are looking for, Summon is a good place to start. Summon lets you simultaneously search the Library's book collection and many full text journal articles.

If you're searching for articles on a topic, you'll probably want to search a database which is more focused on biomedical engineering than Summon. Here are some starting points for finding engineering journal articles or conference proceedings. Look for the UBC eLink icons to check for full text articles.

Anatomy TV

In addition to article databases, UBC has reference databases like Anatomy TV

Anatomy TV is a three-dimensional interactive anatomy resource that includes over 6500 models of human anatomy. These models focus on individual organs, regions of the body, or anatomical systems. The 3D images can be peeled away in layers and anatomical models can be rotated 360 degrees to demonstrate the interaction of nerves, muscles, ligaments, and bones. Built-in self-assessment quizzes are also included. Images and clips can be used in online courses.


Knowledge Synthesis

Systematic, Scoping and other Review Search Methodology

To arrange for a knowledge synthesis consultation, please complete this Knowledge Synthesis Consult Form

Before you begin review this checklist.

A knowledge synthesis requires:

  • a team
  • a significant amount of time to complete
  • adherence to transparent and rigorous methods
  • a strong project management component
  • commitment, clear and open communication among all team members
  • patience to get through the learning curve of the process

Read a comprehensive Readiness Checklist provided by Unity Health Toronto.