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Creating & Managing an Academic Profile

This guide focuses on skills and tools for discussing, interacting, presenting, writing, commenting, and finally publishing your research in the social networks used by academics.

Building your academic profile online can help demonstrate your authority, expertise and research interests. The internet has become the starting point for all searches, so you want to make sure that people are finding authorized biographical and contact information about you. This is especially important when you're starting your academic career. is a Facebook-like social networking platform for more than 40 million scholars. It allows people to search by name, research interests and universities. The site is highly visited and prominent in Google searches. allows you to update your status, upload your academic papers (including unpublished drafts), list your research interests and follow other scholars with similar areas of research. This site also provides great assessment tools that allow you to be notified when someone views your profile or papers.

How to Use

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With more than 9 million researchers, ResearchGate is a leading social networking site for scientists and an increasing number of scholars in humanities and social sciences. It offers the same functionality as share publications, get statistics about views and downloads of your research; collaborate with peers, etc.

How to Use ResearchGate

Examples of ResearchGate Profiles


Mendeley is a social reference management site with more than 5 million users. You may already be using it to store your citations and help keep track of your research, but it also has some great social features. You can list or upload your research publications, provide a brief academic CV, biographical information, and participate in a group. Mendeley groups allow you to share and discover new research in your field.

How to Use Mendeley

Examples of Mendeley Profiles