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PHTH 552

Meeting with Librarians

Preparation for Library Workshop on July 25th

A. Let us know what you want to learn

Please let us know of any challenges you have encountered so far and what you would like to learn from the Library workshop.  Record your questions and comments on this Google Doc:

We look forward to hearing from you. 


B. The Library workshop on July 25th will be a hands on session.  The aim is to give you productive time to explore the research on your topic and to share with you tips and tricks for efficient database searching. 

In preparation for this,  please review the following sections of the Guided Medline Exercise:

C. As further preparation and review, the following 2 videos on the literature search provide an overview of the process and additional tips and tricks.  As these were created in 2020, please note the comments about the recent updates.


July 26th 2022 Literature Review Bootcamp

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 663 6386 9771
Passcode: 962126

Useful Handouts and additional slides:

Searching Tutorials

Background Information

Point of Care Tools
Encyclopedia and dictionaries