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PHTH 552

Workshop resources for June 24 & 25

Meeting ID: 91920975288 

Passcode: 75288 

Preparation for Library Workshops in June 2024

The Library workshops on June 24th and 25th will focus on searching tips and tricks for efficient database searching, locating and using diverse sources of evidence, and appraising information found in databases, grey literature, and patient-facing sources.

If you would like to review database searching, please view the Guided Medline Exercise tutorial and Guided CINAHL Exercise (links below). You can use the Worksheet to guide you through the Guided Medline Exercise. For additional help, see also the example search strategies and slides on advanced database searching tips below.

Getting Help from Your Librarians

Need some more help? Have follow-up questions? Feel free to book an appointment with your cohort's librarian for one-on-one or small group research help.

Searching Tutorials

Background Information