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OSOT 547

WORKSHOP: Getting Organized for Research

Questions?:  Post them on this Google Doc

ACTIVITY ON April 22nd

Please use the above worksheet to guide the following steps:

  • Discover search terms
  • Create a logical strategy
  • Refine the results
  • Select relevant papers and save citations
  • Save search strategy



Background information answers questions that elicit more information such as What, Why, How.  Check out the different links to secondary sources that answer these questions.


This refers to information and research that is created and published by entities whose main business is not publishing.  For example, government departments, health authorities, universities etc.

Validation studies of tests, measures, or surveys can provide valuable background information.   Another useful tip is to find which research projects have used a similar tool to the one you will be using. See the following tutorials to learn the search methods in the different databases for finding these.

Background Information

Research Help

Need help? Please don't hesitate to contact your cohort's librarian.

Your librarian can help with: developing your search; knowledge synthesis projects (literature reviews, systematic and scoping reviews, etc.); finding books, articles, and other information sources; managing your references and data; and more!

For quick research help, you can also contact Woodward Library via email and in-person, or use the AskAway chat service.

Photograph of Rachael Bradshaw, UBC librarian    Rachael Bradshaw: Vancouver

    Email me | Make an appointment with me

    (604) 822-2884


Photograph of Aubrey Geyer, UBC librarian   Aubrey Geyer: Fraser Valley (Surrey)

   Email me | Make an appointment with me

   (604) 827-0578


Photograph of Terri McKellar, UBC librarian   Terri McKellar: North (Prince George)

    Email me | Make an appointment with me

    (250) 960-5195