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Finding Journal Articles

Full Text Online

Here's an example of a citation:

 Parag, Y., & Roberts, J. T. (2009). A battle against the bottles: Building, claiming, and regaining tap-water trustworthiness. Society & Natural Resources, 22(7), 625-636. doi:10.1080/08941920802017248


UBC Library subscribes to hundreds of thousands of scholarly journals that aren't available for free in full text on the web.
To get to the full text of an article in a journal the Library subscribes to, start your search on the Library homepage.

Enter the title of the article in Summon, and press Search. For a more precise search, enclose the title in quotation marks.

When search results display, look for terms like "Link to full text", HTML Full Text, UBC eLink, for example:  

 Finding full text.png

If you don't see a link to a PDF or HTML, but there is a UBC eLink button, click on the button to see if the full text is available.  If UBC subscribes, you'll see this: 

Alt text
Click on the Article link to connect to the full text. Where no full text is available, click on Search UBC Library Catalogue to find items in available in print at UBC Library.

4. If you still can't find the full text of the article, ask for assistance, or use our Interlibrary Loan Service to get the item from another library.