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JPST 215: Introduction to Contemporary Japan Through Pop Culture


Welcome to the course guide for JPST: 215 Introduction to Contemporary Japan Through Pop Culture. This is starting place for the assignment that you are working on for this course. Use the tabs on the left to navigate to different types of sources you can use for your assignment. 

Annotated Bibliographies

What is an annotated bibliography?

An annotated bibliography provides a brief description of a source in terms of its purpose, findings, and value to the work you are doing.

Why do an annotated bibliography?

You are often asked to do an annotated bibliography as part of your assignments because it shows your instructor that you have put some time into reviewing and evaluating the sources you will use for your final assignment. It demonstrates that you have thought about the source in the context of your assignment and your topic. 

What makes a good annotated bibliography?

  • connecting your source to the field of study or discipline and your own research
  • provides your reader with a sense of if the source will be helpful in their research
  • contextualizes the source in the conversations happening in the field or profession
  • proves you have read and understood the purpose and value of the source

How do you format an annotated bibliography?

Start with the entry you would put in your bibliography. Follow this with an indented paragraph that includes your annotation. 

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