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JAPN 401 - Advanced Modern Japanese Reading and Writing II

Japanese-language Citations

Search Tricks

Try using one of the following techniques to maximize your search.

Boolean: AND / OR / NOT

AND allows you to expand your search to include more terms, or to split up your terms in case there are times where other kanji could appear in-between terms

夫婦 AND 同姓 instead of 夫婦同姓

OR allows you to search for alternate terms / synonyms

新語 OR 流行語

NOT could be used when you do not want to include a particular term

allows you to search for terms that could have more than one ending.

Japan* / Japan? = Japan OR Japan's OR Japanese

allows you to substitute 0 or more letters in a word.

ukiyo*e / ukiyo?e = ukiyoe OR ukiyo-e

Quotation Marks
in many databases allows you to search for words together as a phrase

"floating world"

A full guide on truncation and wildcard use within library databases is available here.