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Seed Lending Library

Upcoming Events

September is a great month to think about seeds! Please join us for the following seedy events and learn more about seed saving and sharing.

  • Science Literacy Week at UBC Library features the Seed Lending Library at two popular events...
    • Science Expo at Woodward Library on Tuesday September 19th from 12-3pm, featuring the Seed Lending Library, UBC Farm (ask them about seed saving) and FarmFolk CityFolk who will present on the recent carrot seed trials
    • Mini Science Expo at the Education Library on Thursday September 21st from 12:30-1:30, featuring the Seed Lending Library

Welcome to the UBC Seed Lending Library

Welcome to the UBC Seed Lending Library! We are open to everyone, and  we're located in two locations; Woodward Library and the Education Library on the Vancouver campus. The UBC Seed Lending Library allows anyone to "borrow" seeds free of charge, and provides opportunities to learn about gardening, seed saving, and agricultural research and teaching at UBC.

Thank you to our partner, UBC Farm, for their support of the UBC Seed Lending Library!

Our seeds come from borrowers who kindly return seeds at the end of the growing season as well as donations from the UBC Farm and West Coast Seeds, and a UTown@UBC grant which helped us to purchase seeds from the BC Eco Seeds Co-op.


What is a Seed Library?

Like traditional library services, a seed library provides access to a resource. Patrons are able to borrow seeds for their own garden! A seed library is a collection of seeds that can be "borrowed" with the goal of contributing to learning, experimentation, and community. As users learn about seed saving, they return the seeds from their crops for others to use. 

Why Grow and Save Seeds?

When you grow and save seeds, you:

-  Develop seed stock that is well suited to local growing conditions

-  Preserve heritage and biodiversity

-  Save money by growing your own food from the seeds you save

-  Contribute to a community effort to preserve and use local seed varieties growing and sharing seeds

-  Learn about seeds and seed saving

-  Create a culture of sustainability and self-reliance in your community