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Maps & Atlases

Information and resources about the UBC map collection.

The UBC Library Print Map Collection

The University of British Columbia Library's extensive collection includes maps, atlases, and gazetteers. The collection is focused first on Vancouver, the Lower Mainland, and British Columbia, as well as the rest of Canada. However, there are also numerous maps of countries around the world, and on diverse themes or topics including cultural, social, geological, demographic, historical, military, and nautical. In addition, you can find resources in the UBC Library on Geographic Information Systems (GIS), cartography, and the history of maps and map making.

Most of the UBC Library print map collection, as well as atlases and gazetteers, can be found on Level 2 of Walter C. Koerner Library. Oversize atlases are also located here.The print maps are located in labeled drawers and cabinets in call number sequence and are all available for browsing.

The Library also has a number of digitized map collections, as well as other online maps and resources.

How to Search for Maps in the UBC Library

There are several different ways to search for print maps, atlases, and other related material in UBC Library's collection.

  • Card Catalogues. Some of the maps in the collection are not in the UBC Library Online Catalogue. This part of the collection can be searched in the wooden card catalogues on Level 2 of Koerner Library, either by location (Area - Subject) or by subject (Subject - Area).
  • Microfiche. UBC Library's collection includes a limited number of maps on microfiche. They can be found in the microfiche area on Level 2 of Koerner Library. The collection features BC Town Plans, as well as a selection of historical maps of Ireland, France, Germany, Austria-Hungary, and Poland spanning the 1860s to 1940s.
  • Browse the collection on Level 2 of Koerner Library. The maps are stored in labeled drawers of cabinets, and call number location descriptions for Canada and the world can be seen below.

Tips for searching for maps in the UBC Library Online Catalogue:

  • Here is an example of a search in the UBC Library Online Catalogue:

Screenshot of Advanced Search of UBC Library Online Catalogue


Gazetteers are directories of geographical place names. They also often contain information on the area's population, statistics, and physical and geographical features, and are useful in conjunction with maps.

To find gazetteers in UBC Library's collection, go to the UBC Library Online Catalogue and search using the name of the place (such as "Canada" or "Beijing") and the word gazetteer.

There are also a number of online gazetteers, which you can find listed in our Online Maps section.

Maps in Rare Books and Special Collections

Air Photos

UBC has an extensive collection of over 2.5 million air photos of BC and the Yukon. The air photos are held by the Geographic Information Centre, which is located in the UBC Geography Department, external to UBC Library. Refer to the Air Photo Collection page for information on visiting the collection or ordering air photos.

Browsing Canadian Maps

If you would like to browse the print map collection of Canadian maps, you can find geographical areas by the call numbers listed below. For help understanding UBC Library's call numbers, see this guide.

Area Call Numbers
Alberta G3560-G3564
Atlantic Provinces G3419-G3420
British Columbia G3570-G3574
Canada G3400-G3402
Canada (Eastern) G3410-G3419
Canada (Northern) G3580-G3589
Canada (Southern) G3405-G3406
Canada (Topographic) G3400s
Canada (Western) G3530-G3532
Manitoba G3540-G3544
Maritime Provinces G3420-G3429
New Brunswick G3440-G3444
Newfoundland G3460-G3464
Northwest Territories G3600-G3632
Nova Scotia G3430-G3434
Nunavut G3605-G3609
Ontario G3500-G3530
Prairie Provinces G3535-G3537
Prince Edward Island G3450-G3459
Quebec G3480-G3500
Saskatchewan G3550-G3554
Yukon G3590-G3594

Browsing World Maps

UBC Library's collection includes print maps of countries across the globe. Here are the call numbers of geographical areas to help you locate maps and atlases in our collection. The print maps are located in labeled drawers and cabinets in call number sequence.

For help understanding UBC Library's call numbers, see this guide.

Area Maps Atlases
Africa G8200-G8904 G2445-G2739
Antarctica G9800-G9804 G3100-G3102
Arabian Peninsula G7520-G7604 G2245-G2249
Arctic Ocean G9780-G9804 G3050-G3064
Asia G7400-G7402 G2202
Atlantic Ocean G9100-G9174 G2805-G2839
Australasia G8950-G8952 G2740-G2742
Australia G8960-G8964 G2750-G2793
Austria G6490-G6494 G1935-G1939
Baltic States G7020-G7054 G2120-G2139
Canada G3400-G3632 G1115-G1134
Caribbean G4900-G5184 G1600-G1694
Central America G4800-G4874 G1550-G1594
China G7820-G7824 G2305-G2326
Europe G5700-G5702 G1791-G1799
France G5830-G5834 G1837-G1844
Great Britain G5740-G5814 G1807-G1829
Greece G6810-G6814 G2005-G2009
Greenland G3380-G3382  
India G6710-G6794 G2280-G2284
Indian Ocean G9180-G9219 G2850-G2857
Indonesia G8070-G8074 G2400-G2439
Italy G6710-G6794 G1983-G1989
Japan G7960-G7964 G2355-G2359
Korea G7900-G7909 G2330-G2334
Latin America G3292 L  
Mexico G4410-G4763 G1545-G1549
New Zealand G9080-G9084 G2795-G2799
North America G3300-G3302 G1105-G1107
Norway G6940-G6944 G2065-G2069
Pacific Ocean G9230-G9762 G2860-G3012
Russia G7000-G7091 G2140-G2144
Singapore G8040-G8044 G2384.3
South America G5200-G5668 G1700-G1779
Spain G6560-G6564 G1965-G1969
Sweden G6590-G6594 G2075-G2079
Thailand G8025-G8029 G2375-G2379
Turkey G7430-G7434 G2210-G2214
United States G3700-G3702 G1200-G1202
United States (Central) G4040-G4204 G1385-G1459
United States (Mid-Atlantic) G3790-G3852 G1245-G1279
United States (Northeastern) G3710-G3784 G1205-G1243
United States (Pacific and Mountain) G4210-G4384 G1460-G1534
United States (Southern) G3860-G4033 G1280-G1377
Vietnam G8020-G8024 G2370-G2374
World G3200-G3210 G1001-G1046