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Aboriginal Treaties

An introduction to treaties in BC and Canada, and Métis settlements.

Beginning Your Search

1) For articles & databases at UBC

  • Indexes and databases contains articles from scholarly journals, popular magazines, newspapers, conference proceedings, etc., and in some cases, include chapters of books

2) Search Summon: a general starting point to find the majority of UBC Library's collections. 

  • Summon Tutorial
  • For books, e-books, scholarly journals and articles, newspaper articles, dissertations and theses, videos, images, maps, manuscripts, music scores, digitized items and more

Keyword Searches and Phrases

Step 1:

Use Simple Keywords:

  • "First Nations"
  • Aboriginal
  • Indigenous
  • "Indians of North America"

For more information on terminology please see Indigenous Foundations

Step 2:

Use the Simple Keywords above with the following techniques to narrow or broaden your search:

a) Truncate: allows you to search for a keyword and variations in spelling of that word.

  • Example: educate, education, educational
  • To truncate:
    • Summon: educat*
    • Catalogue: educat?

b) Boolean: allows you to connect multiple keywords to broaden or narrow your search.

  • Example: Aboriginal AND Treaty (this would narrow your search)
  • Example: Aboriginal OR Treaty (this would broaden your search)
  • Example: Aboriginal NOT Treaty (this would narrow your search)

For more information on Truncating and Boolean searches click here

c) Phrase: allows you to search phrases instead of keywords.

  • Example: "First Nations" rather than First and Nation
  • Example: "Public Education" rather than Public and Education