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Musqueam and UBC

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  • Musqueam
  • Coast Salish
  • Aboriginal Vancouver
  • Marpole Midden
  • Salish weaving
  • "Sparrow Case"

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Indigenous Foundations

Indigenous Foundations: Musqueam Legal History Digital Media Archive

A collection of digitized newspaper clippings from the mainstream press about Musqueam's precedent-setting legal battles. Indigenous Foundations also highlights the Guerin Case and the Sparrow Case.

For Indigenous press, try searching within Indigenous newspapers, such as Windspeaker or Kahtou News, through the CBCA Complete database.

Early Ethnographers

Musqueam has been the centre of many anthropological and archeological studies in the past century. The work of these researchers will likely contain more information on Musqueam.

Try searching:

  • Franz Boas
  • Charles Hill-Tout
  • Harlan Ingersoll Smith
  • Charles Edward Borden
  • Jesup North Pacific Expedition