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Government Publications - Census of Canada

Getting Started

What is the Census?

The Census is Canada's largest and most comprehensive data source.  The Census provides population and dwelling counts not only for Canada but also for each province and territory, and for smaller geographic units such as cities and small areas within cities. Statistics Canada's Overview of the Census  provides an excellent background to the census

The Census is divided into two parts: Profiles and  Topic-Based Tabulations. (See Profiles/Topic Based Tabulations tab)

Accessing the Census

Starting in 2001 almost all Census data are available on the Statistics Canada website.  The census uses Beyond 20/20 software which allows you to manipulate the data so that you can compare specific variables you are interested in. The data can then be exported into different formats, like an Excel spreadsheet or .csv file.

Prior to 1996 census information was available largely in print. and can be found in the Library Catalogue. Most print volumes of the census are located on the 2nd floor of Koerner Library in the Reference Section.

Tables marked "Contact us" are in the Library's Abacus Dataverse Network collection for use by UBC students, faculty and staff members; these are mostly special topical tables and tables for enumeration areas/dissemination areas.

Census News

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