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Building an Academic Profile: Home

This guide focuses on skills and tools for discussing, interacting, presenting, writing, commenting, and finally publishing your research in the social networks used by academics.


The scholarly information life cycle has traditionally focused on the published article or book as the key output of the process but with the growth of social media and networked technologies the cycle has expanded the reach of a scholar's ideas in new and interactive ways. This guide focuses on skills and tools for engaging in the "new" scholarly communication environment.

Before jumping into the academic social network environment, you need to ask yourself the following questions. These questions will help guide you in making choices about how you engage and with what tools.  

What academic engagement are you trying to develop?

  • Example - If you are trying to find your academic community, following scholars on Twitter or may be where you begin.

What are you trying to communicate?  

  • Example - If you are interested in showing your instructional skills, videos and open education resources may be where you begin. 

How much time and effort do you want to put into updating and maintaining your online profile?

  • Example - If you only have a little time to put toward creating, updating, and maintaining a profile, you may not create a blog, podcasts or videos as they are time intensive.

Workshops and Guides

There are additional guides that will help you in your profile development and publication process, explore following guides or attend a workshop.

Additional Resources

To keep informed of new tools and techniques emerging in social networked technologies and academic profile building, review the following: