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PhD and MSc in Business Administration

Data Sources

There are a large number of dataset repositories, catalogs and portals which can be used in business research. This page presents a selected list of resources, organized in broad categories by type of data:

  • Large Data Sets
  • Financial Data Time Series
  • Economics and Social Science Databases
Identifying alternate data sources

Use Library Research Guides

Search Institutional Repositories

Conducting Primary Research

Researchers also conduct primary research, collecting and managing their own original data.

Obtain help

Data limits

Most databases only allow you to download a certain amount of data. It is crucial that students stick to those limits, otherwise there might be implications on our database licenses. Information about data limits for databases is found on the resource page for each database. For example:​

If you have questions about data limits about a particular resource that isn’t answered on its information page, please contact the library:

Large Data Sets

These sources enable you to access large sets of data, which will assist you with the assignment in which you have to analyze over 1,000 data points.

Financial Data

Economics and Social Sciences Databases

Help Finding Data

Nature Masterclasses online modules

Nature Masterclasses offers 15 modules, covering the entire publishing process including Data Management, Data Presentation, Authorship and Authors’ Responsibilities, Peer Review, Selecting a Journal, etc., edited by Nature journal editors.

UBC graduate students, postdoctoral fellows, staff and faculty may register with their UBC e-mail and access the training. Access is available from any UBC computer, including UBC-Okanagan.  If accessing from home, you must first VPN in.

Basic Visualization Tools

The following tools were written for people with little or no programming experience and have an intuitive user interface. 

SPSS & NVivo Workshops and Consultations - Koerner Library