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About Shen Ming Jing Shi Lu

Shen ming jing shi lu 《神明儆世錄》 (Cautionary Words of Divine Enlightenment), represent generations of spirit-writing (fuji 扶乩) at Zhishantang 志善堂 (Hall of Devoted Benevolence) formerly the Niancheng siguo caotang 念誠思過草堂 (Cottage of Sincerity and Repentance) in Foshan, Guangdong.

The set value to scholars interested in folk cultures of southern China. Some of the books in the collection include content produced at the end of the Qing dynasty and this set of books is the only complete copy remaining. 

Shen ming jing shi lu 《神明儆世錄》 was donated by  Mrs. Jenny Tse and Mr. Yim Tse to the UBC Asian Library.