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Migrating your references

UBC Library has made the decision to end the subscription to RefWorks citation management software as of September 30th, 2022. All users of Legacy or New RefWorks will have to transfer their references to another citation managment tool before that date.

Migrating is done in two steps:

  1. Export your references from RefWorks
  2. Import your references to a new tool

For step 1, choose the tab for the tool you currently use (New RefWorks or Legacy Refworks). On each page, you will find instructions for exporting your references by folder or exporting all at once. If the organization of your folders is important to you, it is recommended that you migrate by folder, because otherwise your organization will be lost. If you don't wish to retain your folders, exporting all at once is faster.

For step 2, choose the tab for the new citation manager you would like to use  (Zotero or Mendeley). Each page has instructions for importing by folder and importing all at once. Follow the instructions based on the method of export you chose.

If you have further questions about migration, please contact us at