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PubMed Searching

Tips for searching NLM PubMed's free database

PubMed Tutorials

Why Search PubMed?

PubMed includes the MEDLINE database and additional articles drawn from over 5,600 biomedical journals. The MEDLINE database is also available from other sources, such as Ovid.

PubMed offers more focused searching on health topics than Summon, Web of Science or Google Scholar. Tools like automatic term mapping and filters help you find relevant search results quickly. For more complex searches, such as those done for a systematic review, we recommend using Ovid MEDLINE instead.

Always access PubMed from UBC Library's website to ensure you see UBC eLinks to full text of articles.

Key PubMed Tips

  • Always check the Search Details page to understand how PubMed has interpreted your search
  • MeSH can help you find relevant articles on your topic
  • You may also need to include keywords in your search, in addition to MeSH terms.
  • Filters can narrow your search by study design, age or sex, publication date, and more