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Pharmacy Literature Search Skills

PubMed Key Features

PubMed has many useful search features, including:

Automatic term mapping - PubMed will attempt to match the words you put in with relevant MeSH terms. You can view how your terms have mapped in the "Search Details" box on the right side of the screen. 

MeSH database - by changing the drop-down menu next to the search box from "PubMed" to "MeSH," you can search for MeSH terms and learn more about them. 

Advanced search - clicking "Advanced" beneath the search box takes you to a screen where you can easily combine searches together, or search for words in specific fields such as author or title. 

Filters - found to the left of your search results, these tools let you narrow your search down by type of publication, year published, age group, language, and more. Click "Show additional filters" to see the range of choices available. 

For more details on searching PubMed, please see the guide below: