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APSC 176 - Engineering Communication

Finding Articles

To find peer-reviewed, university level articles, the best places to search are:

  1. Summon
  2. Compendex Engineering Village
  3. Scopus

*Note: You will need to login with your CWL to access these databases if you are off-campus.

Research Expectations
Research expectations vary by professor; please read your syllabus and assignments closely.

Tips for Searching Summon

Searching Summon will retrieve a wide range of types of sources, all available through UBC Library.

Steps to effective research in Summon:

  1. Choose keywords carefully
  2. Create a search using AND to join words together. Ex. biomimicry AND honeycomb
    • Use quotation marks around phrases. Ex. "wind turbine"
    • Use the word OR to expand your search to include synonyms or related ideas. Ex. biomimicry OR biomimetic
  3. Use filters to select different types of sources: Peer-reviewed journal articles, newspaper articles, or ebooks
  4. Use filters to select a date range; read your assignment guidelines carefully for details on appropriate date ranges
  5. Use the citation feature as a starting point to crafting an accurate APA citation

Search Compendex Engineering Village

Compendex Engineering Village is a database that contains over 30 million records of published material in the field of engineering including journal articles, conferences proceedings, technical standards and more. It is the top database that we recommend for conducting engineering research.

Additional training materials from Compendex Engineering Village

Search Scopus

Scopus is an interdisciplinary database containing more than 87 million documents covering 240 disciplines, including engineering. As engineering problems often require the knowledge of many disciplines to solve, an interdisciplinary perspective is very valuable. The skills covered in the Design a Better Search video apply to searching Scopus. 

Screenshot of Scopus search results

screenshot of the Scopus database highlighting the search box, default search fields, default date display for results, and UBC eLink for full text access

Image description: Screenshot of Scopus search results page, showing the search box at the top and highlighting the default search fields, the ability to use Boolean logic in the search field, the default results display by date, and the UBC eLInk for full text under each result.

Screenshot of Scopus subject filter

screenshot of Scopus subject filter, used to narrow results by subject

Image description: Screenshot of Scopus subject filter which is necessary to limit results by discipline, as Scopus covers many subjects